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Marimorena celebrates the artichoke

Albert Mendiola creates a tasting menu inspired by the Mediterranean vegetable

By Brian Gallagher 24.02.20

Right now travelling south of Barcelona towards the airport and beyond the landscape is filled with fields and fields of artichokes. The lush leaves of silvery green are a harbinger of spring which is on the horizon. The artichoke is one of nature’s wonderful gifts to us, a fascinating vegetable that is both delicious and healthy. A super-food with antioxidant and cholesterol lowering properties, as well as being rich in vitamins, including C and K. This native vegetable of the Mediterranean is the inspiration behind a flexible tasting menu created by chef Albert Mendiola at his restaurants Marimorena, both in Sant Boi and in Barcelona.

The edible part of the artichoke is its flower, the tender flesh at its centre. The artichoke menu offers a variety of dishes all featuring the artichoke in its different forms. Dishes like artichoke fritter; calçot (type of leek) with romesco artichoke, charcoal and its roots; artichoke flower served with foie centre piece and pearls of Riesling, pistils and ‘pearls’ of Riesling; or the highly inventive and delicious of calçot soup, artichoke, egg yolk and infusion of dried artichoke, a dish that perfectly illustrates how the entire vegetable can be utilised, even those leaves which are normally discarded after cooking.

  • Marimorena artichoke menu

    Artichoke infusion with calçots soup

  • Marimorena artichoke menu

    Tapas inspired by the artichoke

  • Marimorena artichoke menu

    Artichoke stuffed with bufifarra (Catalan sausage)

    Mendiola is a chef closely connected with the km0 philosophy, in the true spirit of the term. He even deals directly with local suppliers and farmers, the majority of the dishes are prepared with produce from the Sant Boi locality. For Mendiola anything other than personally choosing his materia prima is unthinkable. And being situated at the heart of the Parc Agrari del Baix Llobregat (part of a network of protected green spaces surrounding Barcelona) is one of the reaons behind the success of his restaurants, giving him access to the basic food stuffs of exceptional quality.

  • Marimorena artichoke menu

    Lamb bomba and heart of artichoke

    The artichoke menu will be available till the main ingredient is no longer in season. Other stand out options on the menú include the Potato and Artichoke omelette with green beans and egg sprigs; Cod tripe in green sauce, broad beans, bacon and crispy botifarrons; or the Ribs shank with potato pie, ñora peppers, truffle, perigourdin sauce and Béarnaise sauce; and the Duck with poached pears, and artichoke ratafia sauce.

  • Marimorena artichoke menu

    Artichoke fritter

    Friendly and efficient the service in the sala is on a par with the creativity kitchen, Patricia Torres shares her time between Marimorena restaurant and taberna (serving tapas) in Sant Boi and Marimorena BCN located in the Les Corts neighbourhood on Plaza Doctor Ignasi Barraquer. Diners can sample the Artichoke Tasting menu in its entirety (45 Eur.) or short form (28 Eur.).

  • Marimorena arctichoke menu

    Chef Albert Mendiola

    About Albert Mendiola

    In 2017 Albert Mendiola was awarded “Cuiner de l'Any” (best chef of the year) by the Girona Gastronomic Forum, he is amember of the Sabors de l'Horta (Turisme Baix Llobregat), Cubat, and Slow Food Barcelona (in November he received the Slow Food Cargol in recognition for his commitment to the slow food principles as well as fomenting organic produce and farm to table principles). This January, in addition, Marimorena Sant Boi was chosen #01 in the guide 'Els 50 millors restaurants of Baix Llobregat and L'Hospitalet', published by the Associació de Gastronomia i Turisme (AGT), which brings together 50 restaurants that cultivate the pleasure of fine dining, culinary quality and its gastronomic foods promoting local products and their producers.

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