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Los Sopranos

Gavà’s Italian Quarter

By Brian Gallagher 02.12.13

The very last scene of the Sopranos went down in TV history as viewers forensically examined each frame for clues at to Tony Soprano’s imminent fate. Unfortunately James Gandolfini passed way earlier this year meaning that our doubts and questions will probably never be resolved. However ‘Los Sopranos’ lives on through a culinary homage to one of the finest series ever created for television. Located in Gavà overlooking Plaça Dolors Clua chef and entrepreneur Oscar Manresa (Rien de rien, Torre d’Alta Mar) has put together his own version of Cosa Nostra specially for the occasion including cooks, restauranteurs and gastronomic entrepreneurs – basically a who’s who of Barcelona’s food scene; Albert Adrià, Romain Fornell (Palace Hotel), Fina Puigdevall, Fabián Martín, Montse Estruch, Jean Luc Figueras, Dani Lechuga (Caldeni), Albert Raurich, Carles Abellán, the Colombo brothers (Xemei), the Iglesias brothers (Rías de Galicia, Espai Kru), Giuliano Lombardo (Tramonti), Carles Tejedor, José Mª Parrado (Cañete, Martiñez), Quim Vila (Vila Viniteca) and Enrique Valentí (Casa Paloma, Chez Cocó).

    Each has come up with an iconic Italian dish (some inspired by New York’s Little Italy); Ossobuco (Òscar Manresa), Parmesan and Citric Pizza (Albert Adrià), los oven baked Pacccheri (Enrique Valentí) Pizza Croquettes (Montse Estruch), Ox-tail Cannelloni (Dani Lechuga) Cannelloni (Iglesias brothers), Boletus risotto (Albert Raurich), Cesar Sald and hot Pizza (Carles Tejedor), pizza dough ‘churros’ served with cream and chocolate (Fabián Martín), Meatballs and Tomatoes (hermanos Colombo), Fricandini (Carles Abellán), Black ‘butifarra’ Sausage Bread served with Egg and Pork Rinds (Fina Puigdevall) Grandma’s Lasagne (Jean Luc Figueras)  Chocolate Macarrons (Romain Fornell) Cannelloni (José Mª Parrado) Cheescake (Christian Escribá) and Tiramisu (Giuliano Lombardo). All accompanied by an excellent selection of the best Italian wines chosen by Quim Vila, amongst which are Ceretto Blange Langhe Arneis as well as d’Asti Ceretto Moscatel.


  • Designed by Pedro Scattarella the restaurant décor is inspired by the shipping containers and urban streetscapes of Manhattan’s dock lands (where the series is partially set), the kitchen is open to the dining area on the ground floor with the first floor furnished with sofas and vintage style tables and chairs. The restaurant is saturated with natural light with a generous and spacious interior.