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La Gormanda in November

A four hander tasting menu


The beautiful surroundings of the La Gormanda restaurant are currently hosting an avant-garde gastronomic experiment, four chefs will be sharing the kitchen and creating a tasting menu with four different dishes that reflect their skill, passion and savour faire. For one month only during November Carlota Claver (of La Gormanda), Ariadna Julian (of Monvínic), Laura Veraguas (of Iradier) and Laila Bazahm (of Hawker 45) will be collaborating on a menu with a definite seasonal character that includes aperitif, first course, main course and desert. Each of the chefs has over recent years been establishing culinary reputations at some of Barcelona’s up-and-coming restaurants.

The kitchen at La Gormanda is open-plan, with everything on view and even a chef’s table right in front, a stage upon which this experimental tasting menu is being created. Starting with an aperitif from Laura Veraguas a cod esqueixada (salad of shredded cod, tomato, onion and other savoury ingredients) with pickled lemon and tapenade. The chef who is based at the Iradier restaurant is known for her simple, straightforward and natural approach to cooking.

  • La Gormanda November tasting menu Carlota Claver Ariadna Julian Laura Veraguas Laila Bazham

    Cod esqueixada with lemon curd and tapenade

  • La Gormanda November tasting menu

    Tom kha Gai braised octopus served with Thai sauce


    Laila Bazahm’s dish combines Asian and Latin influences that reflects her origins as well as her professional curriculum; ‘Tom Kha Gai’ braised octopus served with Thai sauce. A global fusion of tastes and flavours based on her own apprenticeship and the tastes that connect us across the globe.

  • La Gormanda November tasting menu

    ‘Mar i muntanya’ featuring line caught cuttle fish


    The cooking philosophy of chef Ariadna Julian of Monvínic can be defined by her respect for the product, the producer and the environment. Her proposal, the main dish, is a variation on 'mar i muntanya' (surf and turf) featuring line caught squid. An homage to the Mediterranean, with delicate flavours and flourishes that contribute to the eclectic combination of ingredients.

  • La Gormanda November tasting menu

    Apple confit with nut crumble, vanilla cream, Calvados jelly and cinnamon sorbet


    And last but not least dessert, the final sweet touch, ‘By Carlota Claver’. An apple confit with nut crumble, vanilla cream, Calvados jelly and cinnamon sorbet which will subsequently be on the La Gormanda menu after the event is over.

  • La Gormanda November tasting menu

    Left to right Carlota Claver (La Gormanda), Laura Veraguas (Iradier), Laila Bazahm (Hawker 45) and Ariadna Julian (Monvínic)


    From Tuesday through Sunday 1 PM till 4 PM and 8 PM till 11 PM, Sundays from 1 PM till 4 PM

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