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La Fermata, pizza ‘al taglio’

Italian tapas Catalan style

By Brian Gallagher 16.04.14

Although perhaps Italy’s most famous food export the common or garden pizza is not perhaps as well represented in Barcelona as it should be, given the city’s close ties and large Italian population. La Fermata is going to change all that, founded on the owners’ passion for pizza and ambition to introduce a new way of consuming it, this project which has been operating successfully in Sarria for the last year is about to open a new pizzeria in the Eixample, on Carrer Provença with Rambla de Catalunya. The idea is as simple as it is ingenious, “Pizza al corte Gourmet” that is quality pizza using a premium base and ingredients cut according to the customer’s taste, al taglio i.e. so the customer can try as many pizza flavours as they want, like a version of pizza tapas.

La Fermata means ‘the stop’ in Italian and perfectly captures the spirit of its location on Major de Sarrià directly in front of Plaça d’Artós in Sarrià, the small but funky interior is all about the pizza, displaying and consuming it. Like a shop window with seats to enjoy this most mobile of foods. Capable of coming up with over 80 different flavours in a single month, displayed on the ‘teglias’ or stainless steel trays measuring 40 x 60cm which dictates the width of the cut portions. Open from 11 in the morning till 11 at night, seven days a week, to go or to consume on the premises. The flavours reflect both the classics (which inevitably must appear on any self respecting pizza menu) and other more inventive locally inspired flavours; Secreto Ibérico (Iberian pork), Over easy eggs, Pork (de bellota) croquette (hand cut on the premises), Cherry tomato and anchovies. Other highlights include the ‘gourmet’ pizzas such as Potato with pesto, Parmesan and basil, the Caramelized onion and Goat’s cheese, the Speck and truffle (already a favourite classic here!), or the Sobrassada with goat’s cheese and honey.

  • La Fermata
  • La Fermata


    The secret of course to a good pizza is the base and here the owners have gotten it just right, prepared fresh everyday and left to ferment over 72 hours, crunchy on the outside and spongy on the inside. Hard to believe that someone has not come up with this formulae till now in Barcelona but better late than never, watch out for a La Fermata pizzeria coming soon to your neighbourhood.

  • La Fermata
  • La Fermata
  • La Fermata Nutella


    B-Guided recommendation, trying the nutella filled version here for breakfast with a coffee, in the afternoon or as a dessert in its own rite.

  • The facade of La Fermata adirectly opposite the Plaça d’Artós in Sarrià

  • La Fermata,
  • Major de Sarrià, 2-4
  • 08017 Barcelona
  • t. 93 2801572
  • www.lafermata.es