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L’Origin Osmosis

Creativity & tradition, quality & agility

By Brian Gallagher 03.03.20

Nowadays time pressure seems like an inevitable part of life, no matter how well we organise ourselves there’s no escape. When it comes to making time for quality food even the greatest foodies are sometimes under pressure. This reality is partly the inspiration behind L’Origin Osmosis a new facet of the Osmosis project. Why sacrifice quality just because we are short on time?

Frederic Fernández and Ignasi Montes are the two figures behind this gastronomic project that occupies the first floor of Osmosis. The restaurant is located on Aribau between Provenza and Mallorca, a fascinating neighbourhood for discovering emerging and avant-garde culinary experiences. The first floor is organised as a series of connected spaces with an ambience that resembles more a library than a restaurant. L’Origen is a response to loyal customers who want to combine great food experience with a visit to the theatre, cinema or something else. The quality of the food and wine however are unaffected.

  • L'Origin Osmosis, a new offering
  • L'Origin Osmosis, new offering

    The L'Origin dining room on the first floor of Osmosis

    Chef Raul Roig Sanmartí is in charge of both offerings, his characteristic cuisine that Osmosis is renowned for that balances tradition and creativity. Served with a new dynamic, laid back and simple format, perfect for sharing or to try at any time of the day. At L’Origen Osmosis you can choose between dishes from the Osmosis tasting menu, suggestions of the day and the normal food menu.

  • L'Origin Osmosis, new offering

    Mollejas (type of bread) with Jerusalem artichoke

  • Meatballs with russinyol mushrooms


    L'Origen Osmosis specialises in platillos (portions for sharing) and tapas, like the succulent Prawn and boletus ravioli, fritters with chanterelles, or the Cod fritters, Shrimp croquettes, “Cal Tomàs” sausages, glazed goat’s knuckle, Sweetbreads with Jerusalem artichoke not forgetting the delicious and homemade Rice pudding. A straightforward cuisine with a maximum of 3 raw materials in each dish.

  • L'Origin Osmosis, new offering

    As with Osmosis, wines have a centrsl role in the menu, in L'Origen Osmosis you can enjoy a large selection of the owner’s own, organic, biodynamic and vignerons wines.

  • L'Origin Osmosis, new offering

    Cream vegetables


    Now offering two gastronomic proposals to enjoy at very different times of the day: Osmosis and L’Origin Osmosis. On the one hand, tasting menus, wines and pairings on the main floor with dishes for sharing, tapas and wine by the glass on the first floor. Two different options that share an appreciation and celebration of the roots, tradition, and raw materials of Catalan cuisine. With an innovative yet never over-complicated approach.

  • L'Origin Osmosis, new offering


    Open Monday to Saturday. from 1.30 p.m. to 3.30 p.m. and from 8.30 p.m. to 11:30 p.m.