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Km 0 Ice Cream in a Cube

Gelats Alemany


The summer is a time of change; we put away our winter clothes, change our working timetable, eat more salads and plan our holidays. Savouring ice cream is another of those things we do when the temperatures rise and for lovers of all things sustainable there’s good news. Il Cubo Gelat Tradicional from Alemany is presented in a distinctive and eco-friendly cube with five flavours that are made using local ingredients. The flavours and the recipe is based on traditional style Italian ice creams.

More than 70 years ago, the great-grandfather of the current CEO of Alemany traveled to Italy to learn from the best ice cream masters in Milan. This allowed the company to satisfy the demand for ice cream at the Alemany patisserie in Malgrat de Mar (Barcelona). Over time, the family adapted its ice creams to the tastes of its customers. To this day, authentic traditional ice cream with a home made taste is still being made. Its creamy texture and intense, natural flavours have been preserved thanks to the use of carefully selected ingredients from the family-made recipe, which has been passed down from father to son.

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