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Jay's Room

Gatsby, Barcelona

Por Brian Gallagher 05.05.22

Every good night out on the town deserves to start well. The beautiful surroundings of the luxurious Jay’s room provide the best way to begin an evening at Gatsby which is located in a connecting space. Inspired by the famous protagonist of F. Scot Fitzgerald’s book Gatsby is a ground breaking night time entertainment offering in Barcelona featuring a cabaret style show including an eclectic range of performers. Jay’s room is the latest addition to the Gatsby offering but also works as a stand alone restaurant.

Every detail of the food menu and the interior design evokes anticipation. Previously Gatsby was accessed through a clandestine style entrance from the David shopping centre, now there is a direct access from c/ Tuset, a special significance in the historical nihlife scene of Barcelona with its associations with the Gauche Divine. The space itself can accommodate 40 diners and has a raised seating area and a central cocktail bar.

  • Jay’s Japanese by Gatsby
  • Jay’s Japanese by Gatsby


    One of the highlights of Jay’s cuisine is its delicatessen offering including their oysters with Ponzu sauce, their salmon and tuna tartars or especially the one with red prawn and caviar. Of course, its variety of fish market sushi stands out: tasty nigirs, sashimi and makis and especially some very special uramakis such as pando crab, flambéed lobster and seared tuna.

  • Jay’s Japanese by Gatsby


    Jay’s Japanese also has an evolved cocktail bar, a mixture of the most cutting-edge trends and the ever-present classics. It is the first top end one on Tuset street since with prestigious cocktail bartenders looking after every detiail and specific events will be held in a pop-up format starring famous international bartenders.