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Jack in the afternoon

2 cocktails by Javier de Las Muelas

By Brian Gallagher 07.04.22

The cocktail bar is a mythical place, celebrated in cinema and literature. A place where business and pleasure are equally catered for, all made easier by alcohol and the unique atmosphere of a temple to alcoholic alchemy. The world of cocktails never stands still and is always evolving. Since Covid there has been changes to drinking habits, Javier de Las Muelas, like any good barman has come up with two new future classic, based on whiskey, Jack Daniel’s to be precise.

Javier de Las Muelas is just as passionate today about cocktails and the hospitality sector as he was 40 years ago when the started out. His flagship cocktail bar Dry Martini is now an institution in Barcelona. Not only a cocktail bar but also a Speakeasy restaurant and a cocktail The Academy, all within the same labyrinthine property in the Eixample neighbourhood.

  • Jack Daniel's Dry Martini
  • Jack Daniel's Dry Martini


    From the very beginning de Las Muelas has been a restless soul. Ever since founding his first venture at the renowned Gimlet in the Born, the creation / recreation of signature cocktails and classic cocktails has been a way of life. However ensuring an excellent service has been just as important to his vision. After all that’s one of the reasons why people go for cocktails to begin with.

  • Jack Daniel's Dry Martini


    The cocktails are designed for daytime drinking, an after-meal or after-work encounter with friends, according to the brand’s market research, before the pandemic spirits were being consumed mostly during daytime hours. Before 2020 daytime consumption accounted for eight out of ten orders, especially in the afterwork, after-meal and aperitif.

  • Jack Daniel's Dry Martini

    Jack’s Sunset Coffee

    Jack Daniel’s Old nº7 (70 ml), 20 ml of espresso with sugar and 100 ml of cranberry juice.

  • Jack Daniel's Dry Martini

    Gentleman’s Coffee Temptation

    Gentleman Jack (70 ml), filtered coffee and 100 ml of hazelnut ice cream, for a sweet and very different flavor that makes it a perfect dessert.