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Italian grandmothers rule!

Le chicche della nonna Ida


A new edition from Barcelona based publisher Sd.edicions who specialise in beautifully illustrated books on themes including gastronomy, design and children’s books. Le chicche della nonna Ida (Granny Ida’s culinary treasures) is a tribute to Italian grandmothers, the keepers of traditional authentic and delicious recipes, whose commitment and passion in preparing these everyday dishes has helped bring Italian cuisine to the world’s attention over the years.

This is a cookbook full of fresh products, with specialties that range from fresh pasta to creamy risotto, featuring the revitalizing qualities of succulent soups and lip smacking homemade desserts. Le Chicche de la nonna Ida is a cookbook that invites readers to be guests of honor at the table of the nonna and her granddaughter.

  • A traditional recipe for sauce

    The author Liuna Virardi was born and raised in Bologna, Italy. She studied Visual Communication and Graphic Design at ISIA in Urbino school, after completing his studies he moved to Barcelona-city in which he lives and works, to specialize in Illustration at the Escola Massana.

  • Front cover of the book written bu Liuna Virardi

  • Stuffed Peppers, one of the book's recipes

  • With illustrations made by the author