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Consolación, Monroyo (Teruel)

By Silvia Micolau 23.07.13

A unique hotel located within the Matarraña, bordering Tarragona and Castellon. Surrounded by pines and holly trees and nestled next to a 14th C chapel built to honour the Virgin Mary after which it is named.

With ten minimalist cube-shaped rooms, inspired by the Craig Ellwood designed Californian houses perched on stone terraces; a suite of rooms fitted out with 18th C furniture together with modern details like the A338 ceiling lamps designed by Alvar Aalto for Artek, occupying the old hermit's house, a pool excavated into the rock; a show cooking space with breakfast bar, a restaurant open to all that specialises in regional cuisine among many more attractions designed by architects Estela Camprubí and Eugenia Santacana. Do not leave without trying the Aragones D.O.  ham  sourced from Teruel, and the Monroyo truffle (depending on the season).

The ‘kubes’ are perfectly integrated within the landscape, clad with wooden slats and with glazed facades, equipped with hanging fireplaces, bathtubs built into the slate floor and the iconic Miguel Mila ‘basket lamps’ for Santa & Cole. According to the architect: "we had to put a roof over nature to enjoy the most amazing sunsets without getting too cold (or hot!) or wet."

Incidentally, during the month of August almost all local villages celebrate their patron saint festivals, another reason to come here and discover them one by one.