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Cook differently

By Brian Gallagher 30.04.13

An innovative new range of products aimed at the latent chef that lies within us all but which may every now and again may require an extra ingredient in order to reach fruition. Desiccated fresh fruit, chocolate and other toppings that are conceived as additional flavouring elements but nonetheless highly impacting to all manner of savoury and sweet dishes. The ingenious element of this product is the beautiful and functional packaging that uses clear and legible graphics to suggest ways of using the product with recipes and nutritional information.

There are 23 different flavours to choose from in total. Created with the input of renowned chef Esteban Jáuregui with a long and illustrious career in some of the most renowned restaurants of Catalonia including El Bulli under Ferran Adrià, Talia Mar (Port Olímpic Barcelona) together with Carlos Abellán and Oriol Balaguer among others.

  • Four new flavours added this year

  • Passion fruit


    Belonging to the Catalan firm Grupo Trades S.A. which was founded over 30 years ago and is a sector leader in the distribution of high value natural food ingredients. INGREDÍSSIMO was founded last year (2012) with the objective of reaching the domestic kitchen with products aimed at facilitating creative, no-nonsense creative cuisine.  Available in Barcelona at the Delishop and Cookiteca gourmet shops and also exported to Germany, France and Holland with a view to future distribution in other European countries and the US in the near future.

  • Explosive chocolate

  • Gummy strawberry

  • Yogurt crunch