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Il Giardinetto renewed

New bar and small rations menu

By Silvia Micolau 10.10.12

The Pomés (Leopoldo and Poldo, father and son) have recently given their Italian restaurant a make-over, the preferred hangout for Barcelona beautiful people back in the 70s and a classic ever since. In collaboration with architects Llamazares Pomés the enchanting original design by Alfonso Milà and Federico Correa (and winner of a FAD interior design award in 1974) has been respected at all times.

The bar counter is now longer and more extensive one of its wings protrudes onto the street allowing light into the previously somewhat dark interior like a forest clearing. Cocktails are served here as well as lunch and dinner, small rations from Il Giardinetto’s own menu overseen by Sergi Millet. Amongst which are a few stand outs including the Antipasti with parmesan rocks, Bologna sausage and marinated bresaola (type of salted beef), Burrata with toasted almond and macerated dried tomato, black pudding Raviolis with mint and truffle oil as well as the Egg on bread served with Iberian ham. Desserts also.

In addition to the bar the 19th edition of their emblematic shop display design was revealed. On this occasion created by Arquitectura-G with ¡Oh, qué a gusto!, a recreation in MDF of the ideal created by Milà and Correa and the same carpet which they previously used to cover the premises, and “the expression which the owners appreciate hearing on a regular basis from diners.” Another reason for paying a visit!

Source: Dones Gourmet de Catalunya