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Hotel Tapa Tour

Autumn edition


Once again between October 1st and 31st the Hotel Tapa Tour celebrates the synergy between gastronomy and cocktails. Some of the most emblematic gourmet hotels in Barcelona will be offering tapas and signature cocktails at a reduced price, exclusivly for the event. For each consumption, a Euro will be donated to projects combating child malnutrition led by Acción contra el Hambre. Hotel Tapa Tour will also taking place in Madrid during October.

Among the participating hotels in Barcelona are , great temples of good food and good drinking, such as Claris Hotel & Spa (Aurelio Morales), Ohla Eixample (Fran Lopez) or Grand Hotel Central (Manel Vehí), in Barcelona. Sitges will also join this initiative with the Dolce Sitges and MiM Sitges hotels at the head.

  • Hotel Tapa Tour, Autumn edition

    City Bar at the Grand Hotel Central with the cocktail created by Manel Vehí

  • Hotel Tapa Tour, Autumn edition

    Hotel SB Glow, Muc Restuarant


    Throughout the month of October, the attending public will have the opportunity to taste the creations of the chefs and bartenders of the participating establishments at a reduced price, exclusive for the occasion, which will range between 4 - 6 Eur. (Top), 6 - 10 Eur. (Cocktail) and 10 - 12 Eur. (Tapa and cocktail).

  • Hotel Tapa Tour BCN


    Participants can also take part in a raffle for ‘gastronomic’ experiences donated by the hotels. All they have to do is fill in the questions on the coasters that come with each drink and give it back to the hotel. In turn, some of the participating hotels will also be taking part in the Gin Mare Challenge, a competition sponsored by the prestigious Mediterranean brand of premium gin, which aims to create the perfect pairing between a cocktail and a tapa.

  • Hotel Tapa Tour, Autumn edition



    The jury in charge of selecting and awarding the best pairing includes leading professionals from the world of mixology and gastronomy, among them Manel Vehí, recognized as one of the best cocktail barmen in the world and designer of the drinks menu at the Único Hotels, who will not be participating to avoid conflicts of interest. The winners will be announced during the closing ceremony to be held on Wednesday, October 31, at the Grand Hotel Central in Barcelona.

  • Hotel Tapa Tour, Autumn edition

    Portrait of Manel Vehí


    See website for all details of participating hotels, cocktails and opening hours

  • From 01 October to 31 October
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