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Hot Christmas Vermouth

Las Vermudas

By Brian Gallagher 19.12.20

Although it might seem that every year that passes Christmas is becoming more commercialised there are still some traditions that endure. Of all the typical foods and beverages of this time of year one of the most typical in the north of Europe is mulled wine, served warm or hot drink with wine, sugar, citric juice and spices. In Germany it is known as Glögg and dates back to the Roman times when it was made popular throughout the empire. Now Las Vermudas presents their Vermut Caliente de Navidad, bringing the tradition full circle back to the Mediterranean.

Las Vermudas, which was chosen by popular vote as the best vermouth bar in Barcelona, presents its Christmas vermouth, served hot. Vermut caliente de Navidad is infused with nougat, almonds, cinnamon, ginger, cloves, green apple and raisins. It is served hot (between 60-70 ° preferably), has an alcohol content of 15 ° and is presented in a very attractive bottle with an illustrated label. Heat in a microwave or slowly in a saucepan. It can be savoured on its alone, marinate with cheeses as an appetizer or to serve at the end of a Christmas meal, with desserts, panettone or gingerbread cookies.

  • Hot Christmas Vermouth Las Vermudas
  • Hot Christmas Vermouth Las Vermudas


    Las Vermudas is the ideal place to discover and learn more about vermouth, the owners have a contagious passion for the subject and the barmen are professional mixologists who will be able to answer any questions. There are two Las Vermudas in Barcelona, la Embajada (embassy) of Gràcia and the Consulado (consulate) de Sant Antoni.

  • Las Vermudas
  • (Consulado de Sant Antoni)
  • Calabria 39, 08015 Barcelona
  •  (Embajada de Gràcia)
  • Robí 32, 08024 Barcelona
  • www.lasvermudas.com/es/home_es