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Homage to the Garrofal Pea

Windsor Cuina Catalana, seasonal tasting menu

By Brian Gallagher 06.02.19

The cyclical revolution of the earth around the sun, spinning on its tilted axis is calibrated by the wonderful variety of vegetables and legumes that Mother Nature provides, and on the Mediterranean that bounty is rich and varied. At this time of the year the first crop of peas, the garrofal variety, mark the beginning of the yearly cycle. And to mark the occasion the Windsor Restaurant Barcelona has created an entire menu consisting of 5 courses as well as two desserts to celebrate the humble guisante garrofal (pea), served in the very beautiful surroundings of the Windsor.

David Rodríguez and Carlos Alconchel are the chefs inspired by the guisante garrofal to elaborate this impressive menu on offer at the Windsor Restaurant till February 17th. A very healthy vegetable to consume whose main characteristics are their sweetness and tenderness. Each of the five courses exploits one or more of these characteristics, some perhaps more successfully than others. The first course of the menu consists of a garrofal Peas Tartare. Served almost raw and thus underlining the freshness of the legume, with tartare sauce, fresh mango and royal crab that adds a salty element. The second dish is a fresh sea urchin with the garrofal peas and a black truffle, a work of art on the plate as well as delicately balancing the taste of land and sea.

  • Windsor Cuina Catalana, Garrofal Peas
  • Windsor Cuina Catalana, Garrofal Peas

    Garrofal Peas Tartare with tartare sauce, fresh mango and royal crab

  • Windsor Cuina Catalana, Garrofal Peas

    Angus Beef Ribs cooked at low temperature with 22 hours of cooking at 70º


    One of the most successful and well-structured dishes is that of peas-rice with an equal measure of peas and head of shrimp, in which the pea-loaf and rice are equally divided, with 50% for each one. Another of the highlights is the Angus Beef Ribs cooked at low temperature with 22 hours of cooking at 70º, although in this case the gusiante garrofal is rather a garnish, however it is really enough motivation to try the menu.

  • Windsor Cuina Catalana, Garrofal Peas

    Small pot of sea callos made with cod tripe, artichoke and sausage.


    Neither do the desserts disappoint in their creativity and flavour, the pre-dessert consists of sweet peas with fruit and flowers served with a cold soup made with liquid peas and a thick syrup with a touch of lemon ginger. Last but not least Ravioli of fine bread with oil, salt, dehydrated peas and chocolate.

  • Windsor Cuina Catalana, Garrofal Peas


    The wine pairing deserves special mention, a selection of local wines from well-known and not-so-well-known Caves Nadal, Clos Lentiscus, Casa Vella d'Espiells, Alta Alella and a magnificent red cabernet sauvignon from Juve and Camps.

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