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Ham for all

Enrique Tomás

By Cristina Scotti 30.11.12

“Our first multi-disciplinary space for the promotion of cured ham … a place for buying, tasting, discovering, learning and having a good time, a place where everyone will find the right product or service.”

Enrique Tomás businessman and leader in sales of cured ham in Spain defines the new flagship store with over 600 sq.m. opened recently in the heart of Barcelona on C. Pelai. Tomás started his career over 30 years ago with a cold meats stand at the Salud Badalona market. Thanks to this experience and his intuitive business acumen from 1987 onwards he started to open other establishments around Barcelona with 37 in total of which 6 are franchises including this new venture. With an investment of over a million euros it’s the largest outlet to date and marks a before and after for the group which will now focus on the franchise wing. Enrique understands that success nowadays does not just depend on the single purchase but rather on the customer who returns, a fundamental marketing strategy.

The flagship shop is an authentic temple dedicated to dry cured ham with workshops, performances, lectures, lessons, tasting sessions and other culinary and gastronomic events accommodated. The space is divided over two floors and features other companies such as Conservas Dani, Estrella Damm, Aneto, Coca Cola y Cava 'Juvé y Camps' in addition to hams from practically all the Spanish regions.

  • View of the ground floor of the shop with the various ham products on display

  • Cured ham strips

  • Jamón Serrano