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The informal Martín Berasategui dining experience


When it comes to creative and talented chefs there are few in Spain that can compare with Martín Berasategui in terms of Michelin stars and other prestigious awards he has achieved over his career. For more than 40 years he has been honing his craft in a process of continual learning that is informed by a genuine enthusiasm for his profession. A chef in constant evolution his latest culinary offering is hosted within one of Barcelona’s most spectacular historical buildings, the recently opened Monument Hotel located at the epicentre of the city’s architectural and gastronomic heart.

A laid back culinary offering based on sandwiches and tapas that means that anyone can now experience the Martín Berasategui magic. Situated in the Hall0 where the Soria restaurant, also directed by Berasategui and the cocktail bar managed by Javier de las Muelas are also located which is adjacent to the lobby and reception area of the hotel. With great views to the passing pedestrian and vehicular traffic outside this informal dining area this is the perfect spot to watch the world go by and catch up with friends and family in one of Barcelona’s most beautiful dining spaces.  

  • Hall0 Martín Berasategui

    The Martintxo Bokata, Hall0

  • Hall0 Martín Berasategui

    Lobster Hot dog, Hall0

    Served on different breads and serving dishes, the new menu of sandwiches includes very original options like the "Martintxo" bokata (literally bite), a sandwich made with Galician beef sirloin and creamed sardines on chapata bread, named after the childhood nickname given to the renowned chef by his family and close friends when he was growing up in the Basque country. This new version of the classic veal ‘pepito’ is presented on a quirky glass version of the txapela (traditional beret) with which Berasategui celebrates one of the best known Basque delicacies. Another classic for meat lovers is the Hamburguesa MB served with a knife and fork, a new and more sophisticated version of the classic burger. This reinvented format includes mint leaves, coriander and lime and is served on coca bread, which is a very traditional bread in Catalonia, with sauces to choose from including cesar, brava or the spicy chipotle. And then there’s the lobster "Hot Dog" served with mayonnaise a tempting and revolutionary option for lovers of sea food and gourmet products.

  • Hall0 Martín Berasategui

    Fish & Chips, Hall0

    Another of the hot dishes is the mythical Fish & Chips served with bite sized cubes of crispy hake, double-cooked home-made luxurious fries and Ghibriche sauce, the Sirlon steak Tacos with their garnish served at the table on a grill to keep them warm aaccompanied by the unmistakable smell of grilled meat, or the deboned Chicken wings marinated in tempura. There are also other options like salads, and choice of warm dishes like the fritters designed for sharing with fellow diners.

  • Hall0 Martín Berasategui

    The MB Hamburger, Hall0

    Aimed at hotel guests and the general Barcelona public this informal gastronomic offering at Hall0 is available continuously between 12:30 a.m. to midnight, an hour later on Fridays and Saturdays. The food is served at the tables and sofas or at the bar in a laid back atmosphere which is nevertheless impeccable.

  • Hall0 Martín Berasategui

    Portrait of Martin Berasategui in Hall0

  • Hall0 Martín Berasategui


    Live music at the weekends.

  • Hall0 Cocktail Bar
  • Monument Hotel 5GL
  • Paseo de Gracia 75, Barcelona
  • Tel: 93 548 20 33