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Menu Loidi; consisting of 4 courses, wine not included. Price; 39 Euros. Menu Condes; consisting of 3 courses, wine not included. Price; 28 Euros.

Gourmet with a capital G, the mid-day lunch menu is made up of 4 possible options comprising of various combinations of starter, fish, meat and dessert courses. All prepared by the resident chef Carlos Fernández in consultation with Martín Berasategui, renowned Basque chef. Served within the uncompromisingly modern surroundings of the Loidi restaurant, located in the heart of the Eixample the midday menu is popular with business clients and tourists who are curious to experience the renowned cuisine of one of Spain’s premier culinary talents.  The two lunch time menu options are Condes and Loidi consisting of 3 and 4 courses respectively, a selection of accompanying wines (maridaje) is available for the Loidi option for a small supplement.

  • menu condes by loidi.

    © Carolina Vargas

  • Bean sprouts with teppanyaki prawns, asparagus and romesco

    © Carolina Vargas

  • Roasted monkfish with celery purée, black olive powder and orange

    © Carolina Vargas

  • © Carolina Vargas