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Gótico Foodcourt

Mercat Princesa

By Brian Gallagher 31.05.13

Located within a refurbished 14th Century Palace within the cosmopolitan Born neighbourhood this new gastronomic space consists of a total of 16 separate food stands that range from Mediterranean classic cuisine to Asian delicacies, locally brewed beers to Catalan vermouth, tapas and desserts as well as everything in between. The idea is new to Spain and unique in this area, the main entrance to Mercat Princesa is located directly in front of the new entrance to the Picasso museum on Plaza Sabartés on C. Flassaders, two other access points are provided on C. Hostal de Sant Antoni and C. del Sabateret.

The elegant stone arches and central courtyard with its archaic staircase (covered with a glass roof) reflect the labyrinthine nature of this most fascinating part of gothic Barcelona within easy reach of some of its most outstanding attractions. The stands define the perimeter of the refurbished space while a central dining area accommodating up to 40 occupies the core of the Mercat Princesa with either self service or waiter service. Operating daily from 9 am through to 12 pm (an hour later on Thursday, Friday and Saturday) the service is non-stop; breakfast, lunch and dinner converting into a cocktail bar in the evenings.  Drenched in natural daylight the dining area also hosts rotating photography exhibitions changed on a regular basis.

  • A total of 16 different gastronomic offerings

    Standing out amongst the eclectic offering is the Mekong by Indochine with its selection of Dim Sum provided by  the renowned Indochine Ly Leap restaurant (www.indochinelyleap.com ), Las saladas serving canned goods and tapas, banderillas, carpaccios, tartar and a variety of salads as well as vermouth and beer (www.casamariol.com ) and Ibèrics & formtages with an extensive range of cured hams and sausages.

  • Mercat Princesa is accommodated within a 15th C Palace

  • Diners can choose between the shared seating area or sit at the stands themselves

  • A wide range of culinary offerings