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By Brian Gallagher 08.05.13

G'Vine, the French brand of gin that is distinguished by using grape spirit rather than grain and its associated infusion techniques, has brought together some of the best bartenders specialising in gin across the country in the semi-finals of the Gin Connoisseur Program 2013 (GCP) competition, held last April in both Madrid and Barcelona.

Francesc Cairó, the bartender of House, in Barcelona, and Ivan Villegas, of cocktail bar O'Clock in Madrid, were the winners of the semi-finals that took place in both cities. Petite Mort and G'Why not? are the respective winning cocktails.

  • Ganador del semi final barcelonés, “Petite Mort”- Francesc Cairo- House Barcelona

    14 of Spain’s finest mixologists participated in Barcelona and Madrid, the final will be held during the summer in Cognac, France original home of G’Vine. Competitors were faced with several different tests regarding their knowledge about the distilled spirit, they were also given a master class by the UK Brand Embassador of G'Vine Jamie Walker, and had to concoct their own distinctive recipes for an invited public, who also had a say regarding the heath winner.

  • Barcelona's semi final was held at the emblematic 'Círculo Ecuestre'

  • Winner of the Madrid semifinal, “G’Why not?”- Iván Villegas- O’Clock Madrid

    “G’Why not?”- Iván Villegas- O’Clock Madrid

    50 ml. G'Vine Florasion
    25 ml. Champagne Brut Taittinger
    30 ml. Freshly squeezed grapefruit juice
    15 ml. Grapefruit Syrup de Pomelo (Homemade)
    10 ml. Clara de Huevo
    Tintura de G'vine Nouaison con lima Kaffir (Homemade)

  • “Petite Mort”- Francesc Cairo- House Barcelona

    “Petite Mort”- Francesc Cairo- House Barcelona

    60 ml.   G'Vine Floraison 
    35 ml.   Fresh lemon juice
    20 ml.   Cinnamon Syrup
    20 ml.   Rose Syrup
    2 dashes Angostura Orange (infused with rose petals)
    3 cardamom seeds

    To decorate, edible Rose Petals

  • The Barcelona contestants