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Freixenet Malvasia 2001

The first dessert cava


The renowned Catalan Winery Freixenet launches its first dessert Cava which has been in development for over a decade and was presented recently at the innovative Barcelona restaurant Espaisucre one of the city’s cutting edge gastronomic spaces specialising in all things related to desserts.

With its intense golden hue typical of aged Cavas and its well integrated fine and lively bead La Cuvée Malvasía evokes dried fruit and toasted accents mixed with sweet fruits, preserves with notes of honey and orange. In the mouth the sweet agreeable tasted unfolds which is both sweet and light, a syrupy texture filled with intensity due to Malvasía natural sweetener.

The variety of grape used as the base for this cava is 100% Malvasía (Subirá Parent) from vines sourced in the region of La Bisbal del Penedés. After a manual harvest and being pressed using pneumatic equipment the grape juice is left to rest for 24 hours. The first fermentation is carried out in storage areas maintained at a controlled temperature of between 14 and 16 degrees Centigrade. The selected yeasts are added from the approved Freixenet collection which activate the first fermentation. After six months in storage and the adequate treatments are carried out the base wine is ready for bottling at which point the second fermentation is carried out over a year in bottles.

The Liqueur d’Expedition (dosage) is made using Malvasía sourced from different plots and with aged wines matured in chestnut casks over 20 years. This endows characteristics more typical of Sherry fortified wine with the aim of achieving a perfect harmony with all types of desserts: chocolate, fruit, pastries, cakes, dried fruits, custard and ice creams.

“Espaisucre” has created a new gastronomic concept that combines perfectly with Freixenet’s Malvasía 2001 cuvée: sweet tapas. Small but perfectly formed creations based on their experience of combining ingredients such as lime, sweet basil, and sesame; cider, celery and apple: dried fruits and goat’s cheese; chocolate and vinegar or egg yolk and corn.

A new initiative since 2012 “Espaisucre” gives clients the chance of trying small portion desserts in an informal way, like an aperitif a new culinary trend designed to accompany lunch or dinner.

Freixenet Malvasia 2001. RRP: 12 Euros


Espaisucre. C. Princesa 53 T. 93 268 16 30