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The Poble Nou neighbourhood has over the last decades evolved into one of the most attractive residential areas of Barcelona. Close to the centre and the best of the city’s beaches with parks and open spaces there’s a genuine neighbourhood feel here centred around the Rambla del Poblenou .As the industrial workshops and warehouse activities have given way to lofts and high tech industry a new generation of creatives have made their home in Poble Nou, the more reasonable rents and cosmopolitan residents have proved more receptive to new ideas and experimentation. Chef Xavier Jovells (hijo del cocinero de Can Pineda y fundador de Els Tres Porquets) who recently opened the Floreta restaurant on Maria Aguiló, no. 50 is typical of this new influx of creative talent. Having served his time in the business the young chef is branching out on his own with his first solo venture.

Home made, alternative and above all quality raw material. Jovells will be taking advantage of his years of experience in tracking down the best local providers. Adapting the culinary offering to the seasons; selected mushrooms during the autumn, tomatoes in spring, peaches and peas during the summer months, fresh fish straight off the boat ...

  • Floreta

    Scrambled Mushroom and Foie, one of Floreta's creative dishes

  • Floreta

    A variety of tapas and shared dishes at Floreta

    Xavi who worked for years at Can Pineda intends the gastronomic offering at Floreta to be inspired by tradition from a young chef’s creative outlook. The classic recipes he learned within the kitchens of Can Pineda will be combined with more contemporary creative proposals. The new restaurant will be offering a variety of Spoons Tapas including; callos (tripe), oxtail, homemade cannelloni, fricandó (fricassee), trinxat de col (mashed cabbage), dogfish, ham, Galician octopus, beef steak, stew of chickpeas, onion soup and huevos estrellados (fried eggs), etc.  As well as the typical local tapas: ham, home made chorizo, anchovies, marinated sardines, gazpacho, Vichyssoise, potato salad, asparagus, artichokes etc.

  • Floreta

    Cherries swerved over ice with Anis sauce

    The menu also features larger portion options: carpaccio of mushrooms, garlic chicken wings, mini burgers, shish kebab, steak in creamy anchovy sauce, foie with apple and sautéed mushrooms with foie gras. Without forgetting the rice dishes, omelettes and selection of mushrooms when in season. Desserts also combine tradition and present. The usual: pajamas, french toast with ice cream, fried milk pudding with cream, cottage cheese with custard, chocolate crepe, tarte tatin, fresh fruit peeled. And the newest: bomblet chocolate coulant chocolate, pineapple soup with fresh mint, tiramisu, cheescake, Greek yogurt, etc.

  • Floreta

    The dining room at Floreta, capacity for 32 diners

  • Floreta, on the corner of Marià Aguilló

  • Floreta

    Xavi Jovells, owner and chef

  • Floreta
  • Cuina Espai
  • Marià Aguiló, 50
  • 08005 Barcelona
  • Tel. 93 000 98 37
  • www.floreta.es