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El viatge circular

Jordi Herrera, Manairó

By Brian Gallagher 26.04.13

A mixed media sculpture exhibition taking place at the recently opened TekhnArt gallery on C. Balmes 74 within the Eixample area of Barcelona. Sculptor Germán Consetti presents a collection of works under the title ‘El viatge circular’, a metaphor for our universal journey from birth through death. The materials (metal, wood, wire and paint) are hacked, forged and manipulated into rough hewn objects sitting on metal pedestals within a space that also accommodates an architectural studio, Tekhnart Arquitectes.

For the inauguration ceremony which took place on Monday 22nd of April chef Hordi Herrera of the Manairó restaurant (1 Michelin star) a close friend of Consetti, created four specific tapas inspired directly by four of the exhibited sculptures. The first a boat like montadito consisting of tomato bread with anchovy and fish spine representing the mast, followed by a serving of bonito flambéed on a wire skewer. The third course inspired by an oversized metal skull sculpture contained cap-i-pota and (beef pot) carne del perol and finally to round off a fillet of pickled beef served on a sliver of copper sailing over a sea of sand.

  • Jordi Herrera at work

    Jordi Herrera manos a la obra

  • Germán Consetti with Jordi Herrera