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Enric Rovira, Easter 2013


Despite the fact that our bodies receive all the sugar we need from a balanced diet every now and again it's good to indulge our sweet tooth with a treat. Traditionally Easter is one of the best excuses within the calander year to do just that, especially after the sacrifices of lent.

  • Barretina EGGS

    These are inspired in the typical Catalan hat that was used during XVII and XX century and used by genius of our culture like Salvador Dalí.

  • Snowflake

    This year they will produce Snowflake again. Some years ago the Zoo of Barcelona commissioned the cake for the 35th brithday of Snowflake. The chocolate structure was inspired by the reproduction of an adult Snowflake with simple and straight lines. This year, a young Snowflake with a more simple form in white chocolate (Snowflake) or dark chocolate (his 4 sons).