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Eclèctic Restaurant

Sergio Musso and Francesc Chicón


Eclèctic Restaurant which opened earlier this year is located in the Sant Gervasi neighbourhood within the space formerly occupied by La Mifanera. A highly personal culinary project put together by two chefs who are dedicated world travellers, Sergio Musso and Francesc Chicón. The former trained as a chef in Argentina and is a specialist in pastry and desserts. He is also a professional magician, a skill that combines surprisingly well with gastronomy and has allowed him to travel the world. Francesc Chicón has worked in several well known restaurants after training at the Hofman School in Barcelona, born in Catalonia his family roots are from Andalusia. Chicón is also a teacher and has published a gastronomic blog for a number of years.

“Our cooking combines the classic and the modern, nouvelle cuisine with the avant-garde, local dishes with exotic dishes from far off countries, expressing our own take of understanding food, of living and experiencing food.”

Eclèctic Restaurant defines itself through its name and its setting. The restaurant has been conceived, designed and brought to fruition by chefs Sergio Musso and Francesc Chicón, bringing together the best of multiple disciplines, in terms of the food and the design, inspired by the concept of homemade and Nordic style. All down to the vision and philosophy of the owners who have created an open-minded gastronomic experience here.

  • Eclèctic Restaurant

    Smoky grilled vegetable and shell fish gazpacho

  • Eclèctic Restaurant

    Sweet Lamb served in fresh pasta roll

    Eclèctic offers its diners a range of flavours, textures, ingredients, cooking techniques and unusual dishes but which nonetheless are in harmony with one another. The idea is to bring out the essence of the raw materials, but rather to bring out the best in them. The desserts deserves a special mention. Illusionists and magical desserts, at the same time light and healthy. The menu is adapted four times over the year to reflect the changing seasonal products.

  • Eclèctic Restaurant

    Iberian pork steak and crunchy sweetbread

    Dishes such as the 'Perol' Butifarra Won-ton with Iberian Ham Dashi (stock), 'Brunoise' (cut) Vegetables and Cured Ham Shavings; and as a homage to its Mediterranean roots dishes such as Organic Chicken Cannelloni and 'Cap i Pota' (pork head and trotters in a stew) with Poultry Béchamel sauce and Onion Confit, or the fried Duck Egg, Mushroom Cream, Shredded Potatoes and Morchella Mushrooms.

  • Eclèctic Restaurant


    There are two set menu options for lunch; the most economical, priced at 13.50 Eur. includes dishes such as Cod with Escalivados (smokey grilled vegetables) served with Parmentier Potatoes; the Home-made Spring Roll with Meat and Prawns oven browned; Lamb Rice Broth and Vegetables; Grilled Dolphin Fish with Parsnip Purée and Prawn extract; Beef Flank Steak cooked in its juices, Pickles and Baked Potatoes.

  • Eclèctic Restaurant


    The Gourmet lunch menu priced at 25 Eur. is also available which includes some of the best dishes on the menu. The complimentary aperitif is followed by five exquisite dishes such as the Creamy Cod, Potato and Quince accompanied served with Grilled Vegetables, Sprouts and Solroig of Les Garrigues oil; Grilled Dolphin Fish with sautéed Wild Mushrooms and Red Prawn juice; Pork Cheek cooked in its juices, Confit Onion and emulsion Wood Ear Fungus; and the Eastern Chocolate cake, with Creamy Chocolate, Peanuts, Passion Fruit emulsion and iced Sichuan Pepper.

  • Francesc Chicón and Sergio Musso

    Francesc Chicón and Sergio Musso

    During the evenings as well as a-la-carte service diners can also opt for the tasting menu including a selection of craft olive oils, two starters and four mains with a selection of cheeses and jams as well as two desserts, for 39 Eur.. The wine selection is equally carefully put together with a focus on national wines as well as some options from France and Germany.