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Eating responsibly in the Born

Zero Patatero

By Brian Gallagher 29.01.19

Any discussion around food and restaurants nowadays almost always include topics relating to provenance, seasonality, health, farm to table, animal welfare, sustainability, value for money and, of course, great taste. It’s rare for one restaurant to stand out in all these areas but that is the case with Zero Patatero, a collaboration between the Grupo San Telmo and Derby Hotels Collection. Specifically between chef Luca Marongiu and host /jefe de sala Gonzalo Rivière, both formerly of Els Garrofers d’Alella (now closed) under the creative umbrella of Isidro Marqués (San Telmo) and Joaquim Clos (Derby Hotels).  

Accommodated within what is surely one of Barcelona’s most extraordinary and strategic locations, the corner of Passatge Mercantil and C/ Comercial just in front of the rear entrance to El Born Centro de Cultura y Memoria, literally a few steps from the Ciutadella park. The interior is open, bright and airy which provides the perfect setting for a cuisine that is surprising and flavourful with the emphasis on local and seasonal ingredients.

  • Zero Patatero responsible cuisine
  • Zero Patatero responsible cuisine


    Renowned for their Catalan dishes that combine tradition and innovation, the menu created by Luca Marongiu and Gonzalo Rivière at Zero Patatero includes options originally served at Els Garrofers d’Alella and others that are inspired by the Slow Food movement based by quality seasonal raw materials sourced locally and healthy eating. With an emphasis on seasonal vegetables cultivated mostly in the Maresme. Dishes such as the Orrius organic egg cooked at a low temperature, or the creamed potato and escalivado garlic and roast beef gravy or the ‘dry’ rice with organic pork jowl and cuttlefish. And others featuring seasonal vegetables like the Roasted cauliflower, salted almond praline, lime and garlic bread; The mackerel with marinated organic egg yolk, pickled vegetables and ‘shepherd’s’ broth; the organic veal gizzard with a rice socarrat of pig’s trotters and cep mushrooms; The sautéed potato gnocchi, cauliflower, cod and hazelnuts; Bonito confit, organic fruits, chili, chestnut and caramelized onions.

  • Zero Patatero responsible cuisine

    Orrius organic egg cooked at low temperature

  • Zero Patatero responsible cuisine

    ‘Dry’ rice with organic pork jowl and cuttlefish


    The menu includes healthy deserts that feature unusual combinations of ingredients, creamy chocolate with dried fig ice cream and peanut cookie; or the apple, bitter lemon, whipped cream, yogurt ice cream, suaco and merengue.

  • Zero Patatero responsible cuisine

    Apple, bitter lemon, whipped cream, yogurt ice cream, suaco and merengue.

  • Zero Patatero responsible cuisine

    Creme Catalan foam

  • Zero Patatero responsible cuisine

    The interior design is open, bright and spacious

  • Zero Patatero responsible cuisine

    Lamb terrine

  • Zero Patatero responsible cuisine

    Aged beef steak tartar with mustard ice cream

    In addition to these healthy and vegetarian options Zero Patatero is also concerned with animal welfare, lamb is sourced from the Cal Pauet (L’Espunyola) where the animals roam freely and the veal is from Bages, renowned for its flavour and texture.

  • Zero Patatero responsible cuisine



    Average price PAX, 35 Eur.

    Monday through Sunday 1.00 pm till 3.30 pm and 8 pm till 11.30 pm

  • Zero Patatero
  • Passatge Mercantil, 1,
  • 08003 Barcelona
  • tel. 93 855 2304
  • IG @zeropataterobcn
  • FB @zeropatatero