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Gourmet products make for great gifts to others and ourselves, they becomes especially appreciated around Christmas which is after all a time of indulgence, a time when we consume more calories in order to face the colder weather. Eat Gaudi happening this weekend, from Friday 18th till Sunday the 20th is an Outdoor Market offering stands with gourmet products, foodtrucks, workshops, wine tasting and children’s activities that will delight the palate of visitors to this precinct over the weekend, an open air market against a backdrop of modernisme architecture.

Eat Gaudí is the only gastronomic market that is organised within the grounds of a work by Antoni Gaudí, the Torre Bellesguard. Located outdoors and complying with all safety and hygiene measures. This is the second edition of Eat Gaudí this time sponsored by the prestigious Ada Parellada, chef of the Semproniana Restaurant and ambassador of conscious cuisine. One of the unique elements of Eat Gaudí is that each edition is specially designed including gastronomic experiences and activities for the market, which this time takes place under the glass-covered porch located in the gardens.

  • Eat Gaudi Torre Bellesguard
  • Eat Gaudi Torre Bellesguard

    The market will be complying with all the hygiene norms and is sponsored by Ada Parellada.

    You can also visit and discover the Torre Bellesguard, Antoni Gaudí’s least known and most historical work, you will have the opportunity to visit it on site, during all opening hours, at a special price of 10 euros that would be added to the 5 euros it costs to enter the market.

  • From 18 December to 20 December
  • Torre Bellesguard
  • Carrer de Bellesguard, 20, 08022
  • Eat Gaudi
  • Torre Bellesguard
  • Carrer de Bellesguard, 20,
  • 08022 Barcelona
  • T. 93 250 40 93
  • www.eatgaudi.com