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Variations on Rice

Nomen x 10

By Brian Gallagher 20.01.14

Renowned Catalan chef and brand ambassador for Nomen rice Carme Ruscalleda has come up with an imaginative rice themed entire degustación menu featuring 10 dishes all of which feature rice as the principal ingredient. Presented at Barcelona’s Mandarin Oriental hotel the innovative chef uses 10 varieties of rice with quite distinct properties and qualities which are cleverly exploited through the various gastronomic suggestions . Ranging from sweet to savoury the sheer versatility of rice is astonishing, even including a new liquor Crema de Arroz which the sponsors of the event Nomen have recently launched. Here below we present the 10 dishes and the 9 varieties of rice that were used in each.

  • carme ruscalleda
  • Savoury Biscuits

    Long Grain Rice. It is the most consumed rice in northern Europe, America and large parts of Asia and become increasingly present in Spanish cuisine. For its high amylose is always fluffy, light, soft and does not stick. Ideal to consume cold, for example, in salads, side dishes and desserts.

  • Rice with Prawns

    Round Grain Rice; This high quality rice is one of the best quality available. Carefully selected and containing the lowest percentage of split grains ensuring that it does not break during cooking, is looser and cooked faster.

  • Creamed Sweet Rice, Mint, Figs served with Sugared Flowers

    Basmati brajma Rice; aromatic rice grown in the Himalayan valleys. According to experts it’s one of the most exclusive strains in the world, with exceptional whiteness and an unusual nutty aroma.

  • Sweets served on a Skewer, Rice, Chocolate and Almonds

    Round Grain Rice; Their beans are carefully selected and contains the lowest percentage of broken grains. Why does not break during cooking and is more loose and ready.

  • Rice and Mushroom Croquettes

    Special Risotto Arborio Rice; Ideal for cooking risottos, the Carnaroli variety is Italy's most famous and most used by chefs when preparing this famous dish. The rice should not be overcooked, should be homogeneous, creamy and consistent.

  • "Senyoret" Paella

    Organic Rice; Round grained. No fertilizers or synthetic pesticides are used, so it retains all the flavour and the qualities of an untreated rice. Ideal for all types of dishes, especially vegetarian recipes.

  • Vegetable 2Socorrat" Paella

    Bomba Rice; the most prestigious round rice almost impossible to overcook remaining loose. Thanks to its high absorbency and texture it’s the preferred variety by most demanding cooks for the best paella, creamy and baked rice dishes.

  • Paella Picnic with King Prawns

    Wild Rice; Black in colour, an agreeable nice crunchy texture and easy to prepare. This variety features high nutritional value, it’s an aquatic variety that retains its shell, grown in northern Canada. Low in fat and rich in fiber, protein, minerals and vitamins.

  • Sushi de Escalibada

    Thai Rice; Thai rice is also known as "jasmine rice". It is considered one of the most exquisite and aromatic of all rice grains. Perfectly complements any dish as a side dish or salad and is mainly used in oriental dishes.

  • Rice Rolls with Cod

    Brown Rice, Round grain rice, husked and cleaned. Retains part of the bran shell, so it is rich in nutrients such as vitamin B. With added natural fibres, vitamins and minerals. Ideal for organic cooking: with vegetables, legumes ... Enriches any dish with its distinctive flavour.