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Cometa Pla

Bar a Vins with Healthy Food

By B. Gallagher / Fotos; Luisa Ramos 24.10.16

Some restaurants are worth spending time searching out, even if it involves going out of your way a little to find them. This is the case with Cometa Pla, located within the labyrinthine streets surrounding Plaça de Sant Jaume in the middle of the Gothic neighbourhood, just off C/ de la Ciutat. A simple but ingenious proposal which is very popular right now in Barcelona; market cuisine, organic food, seasonal tapas dishes and a well chosen selection of wines that reflect the ‘eco’ philosophy of the gastronomic offering.

Cometa Pla is all about the raw materials, products that acquire a different dimension after being prepared here by the team of chefs, bringing out their innate flavours and textures. The objective is always to make the most of the ingredients in order to conserve its natural qualities and improve upon them if possible. Some of the highlights on the menu incude the Onion Tatin, Vegetarian Ceviche and the Grilled Squid with Sunomono (type of Japanese salad).

  • Cometa Pla
  • Cometa Pla
  • Cometa Pla

    Healthy food prepared in such a way as to conserve its natural flavours

    The owner Jaime Pla brings years of experience to this recently opened new restaurant in the Gothic quarter (El Pla and Bar del Pla), his team here is headed in the kitchen by chef Giuseppe Padula who previously worked at Espai Sucre, Comerç 24 and El Pla in Barcelona in addition to several other European countries. He is ably helped ably by Sub Chef Jaime, an Argentinean native whose speciality is organic food as well as innovative techniques in vegan gastronomy. Pilar Campos makes sure everything runs smoothly on the restaurant floor.  

  • Cometa Pla

    One of the highlights of the menu is the Onion Tatin

  • Cometa Pla


    Regarding the choice of wines, the same criteria applies as for the food. With some 20 different references, all selected from a range of wineries that ensure the same production values as those of organic farming. Each wine personally chosen, each with a passionate story behind them, winemakers who have managed to produce niche wines like small unconventional jewellery. In order to be served here everyone at Cometa Pla gets to give their opinion.

  • Carrer del Cometa, 5
  • 08002 Barcelona
  • Telf +34 646 197 845
  • From 7 pm through 11 pm Tuesday to Sunday