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Citrus Spray

The optimum squeezer


Albert Arza and Joan Rojeski have come up with this ingenious kitchen utensil for the Catalan company Lékué; Citrus Spray is a squeezer that is inserted into the citric fruit itself converting it into a practical utensil.

Simple, straightforward and easily used for seasoning salads or other dishes, adding aroma to beverages and cocktails in both a healthy and elegant manner without losing any of the fruit’s vitamins or anti-oxidants.

  • The design consists of a ring shaped plastic insert screwed into the fruit made from silicone that guarantees a pulp and seed free spray.

  • There are two versions depending on the specific citric fruit, a longer version for lemons, oranges and grapefruit while a shorter one is more suitable for limes and mandarin oranges. Also incorporating a plastic stand to keep the device upright on the dining table.