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Christmas & Holiday Fare



Another year of going out, festivities, parties, meals shared with family and friends, cocktails etc.. A time for over indulgence, without doubt but where? Here below we provide our recommendations for the best Christmas and Holiday Fare in Barcelona, even if you are staying at home.

  • Christmas & Holiday Fare 2018/19
  • Truffle and cheese canelloni, Tou dels Tillers

  • Christmas & Holiday Fare 2018/19

    El huerto del Majestic

    Majestic Hotel & Spa Barcelona 

    Passeig de Gràcia, 68, 08007 Barcelona T. 93 4 88 17 17


    After celebrating its 100th anniversary during 2018 the Majestic is finishing the year on a high note, offering guests a range of options over the holidays conceived by the renowned Catalan chef Nando Jubany and his team. Delicate, creative, consistent, just some of the words that can only begin to do justice to a gastronomy which over 100 years has acquired an excellent reputation.

    Around the Christmas holidays the culinary offering includes several options at SOLC, (the main restaurant space within the hotel) Christmas Eve, Christmas Brunch, and the St. Stephen’s Day. For New Years Eve however this year guests can choose from three different options, the New Year’s Eve dinner served at SOLC, the Dom Perignon Dinner served on the Dolce Vitae roof terrace, as well as gourmet option Truffle Dinner, also served in SOLC. Not forgetting Brunch on New Year’s day and King’s Day (Reyes). There’s also a special seasonal kid’s Brunch menu.

  • Christmas & Holiday Fare 2018/19


    Plat Únic, Yurbban Hotel

    Trafalgar, 30. Barcelona. T. 93 3939208


    Plat Únic, the restaurant located on the ground floor of the Yurbban Trafalgar Hotel has no menu as such, serving just one choice of meal that changes according to the season, from noon till dinner, Monday through Saturday uninterrupted (from 1 PM to 10:30 PM). Since its inauguration last July, this unusual space has offered the formula Gerra i costellam (Galician beef rack served with a variety of sauces and marinades, pickles and seasonal garnishes, followed by a dessert, with wine, diners can refill their carafe as many times as they like. Now, in line with that philosophy, the dish is escudella amb carn d'olla (pasta broth followed by stewed meat and vegetables) perfect for the cold winter days ahead combined with a brazo de crema (cream sponge) to finish.

  • Christmas & Holiday Fare 2018/19
  • Christmas & Holiday Fare 2018/19


    Le Meridien Barcelona, Centonze

    La Rambla 111, 08001 Barcelona T. 933 18 62 00

    El chef Luis Ramos crea una gama completa de comidas para la temporada navideña, la cena de Nochebuena, el brunch del día de Navidad, el almuerzo del día de San Esteban, la cena de gala de Año Nuevo y el buffet del día de Año Nuevo. Cocina sencilla y sabrosa que combina las tradiciones catalanas con florituras internacionales. Todos los favoritos de las festividades, incluidos los King Prawns y Escudella tradicional amb Galets farcits de Pilota en la víspera de Navidad en un banquete gourmet de Champagne en la víspera de Año Nuevo. No te olvides de probar un cóctel festivo en el bar de cócteles Le Pop, justo en la entrada del restaurante. Menús especiales para niños también.

  • Christmas & Holiday Fare 2018/19


    Lumaconi & Galets del Nadal

    As an alternative to eating out on these dates when you can prefer to gather at home around the table, the firm Sandro Desii proposes the traditional galets and the Lumaconi from the La Bianca Pasta & Salute collection. In both cases slow-drying at low-temperature pasta, made with Italian durum wheat semolina with egg, and the second ones enriched with Omega 3 of vegetable origin, which contributes to maintain normal cholesterol levels and therefore with beneficial effects for cardiovascular health.   

    Galets, in addition to serving them in escudella, can be boiled with beef broth and presented in tomato soup.