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Christmas cocktails

Le Pop Cocktail Bar


Over the next few weeks the holiday period, that includes the Christmas and New Years holidays as well as Kings Day on January 6th is a time for getting together with friends and family, leaving behind the problems of work and spending time together. Food of course is central to this as is the choice of wine and increasingly in Barcelona a selection of cocktails that reflects the vibrant cocktail culture here. Whether it’s something festive or a signature creation invented by a new generation of bartenders starting the evening or finishing the evening with a cocktail is a guaranteed way to relax and get into the party mood. Le Pop Cocktail Bar on the Ramblas with its resident mixologist is an excellent place to sample a Christmas cocktail.

Le Pop Cocktail Bar also has the advantage of being next to the CentOnze restaurant, with good-value group menus and its central location on the Ramblas this is an ideal venue for work or family get-togethers.

A great place to welcome the New Year with its special cocktail menu, (50 Eur., reservation required) and here we present a taster with two of its Christmas creations Little Nico and Sweet Tempation;

  • Christmas cocktails


    Little Nico                          


    Gin Mare

    Raspberry puree

    Sugar syrup




    Put all the ingredients in the shaker except the cava that we left to add at the end and stir well.

    Decorate with icing sugar, currants and rosemary

  • Christmas cocktails


    Sweet Temptation




    Chocolate liquor


    Sugar syrup


    Put all the ingredients in the cocktail shaker, shake thourghy to mix the different flavours, strain and serve.

    Decoration: Chocolate and raspberry

  • Christmas cocktails