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Chocolate spreads

Home made collection

By Brian Gallagher 22.01.13

Orgániko Chocolate launches a new collection of chocolate spreads consisting of several flavours: Sea Salt, Olive Oil, Chile, Mandarin and Bitter Chocolate. All made ​​with carefully selected organic ingredients this brand of limited gourmet products which are cultivated in a rigorous and highly respectful of the environment.

  • Olive Oil Chocolate Spread

  • Sea Salt Chocolate Spread

    Using Olive Oil in developing these spreads lends them a very unique and exclusive aroma, texture and taste, as well as other important health benefits given that they are free from saturated or trans fats.

  • Chile Chocolate spread

    Orgániko Chocolate recommend these chocolate spreads be enjoyed in the traditional way on bread or crackers, but they can also be enjoyed with more savoury flavours such as cheese, Bitter Chocolate or Sea Salt creams combine superbly with strong cured cheeses while Mandarin and Olive Oil chocolate spreads are good with soft buttery cheeses.

  • The complete collection of spreads