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Arte & Cielo

By Brian Gallagher 15.05.13

The renowned Dos Cielos one of Barcelona’s Michelin star restaurants located on the 24th floor of the Hotel Me provides the context for the Arte & Cielo initiative a joint venture with the N2 art gallery and Kognitif that presents the work of a selected artist each season coinciding with the change in menu. On this occasion the work of Basque artist Ainize Txopitea has been chosen. Using collage, photography, text and watercolour the art was created specifically for the space and will be exhibited until September. Inspired by nature, the oneiric and including poetic extracts of graphic typography the exhibition is highly personal but accessible with references to ideas connected with rebirth, the spring and transformation which is perhaps also an allusion to the condition of paternity shared by the Torres Martínez brothers who have both become fathers recently.

Dos Cielos is a gastronomic restaurant directed by the Hermanos Torres, occupying an entire floor of the Hotel Me the restaurant is divided between an open-air terrace on one side of the lift lobby with the enclosed dining room on the other side.  Offering unique views over the @22 district and the city beyond the dining space is open in character with no division between the stainless steel of the kitchen worktops and the white table cloths of the dining room. As well as the Arte & Cielo project diners can also visualise their gastronomic experience with the aid of the Sensograph a computer interface that mixes memory, taste and sensations in order to produce a graphic interpretation of the experience.  

  • A selection of dishes from the new seasonal menu

    © Alba Olivares

  • One of artist Ainize Txopitea's works

    The spring/summer menu is dominated by traditional and contemporary dishes featuring market fresh Mediterranean produce presented in a visually stimulating way within the very beautiful surroundings of the restaurant itself.

  • Seasonal menu created by the Torres brothers

    Kognitif is an international network of creative professionals that uses culture and the arts in order to stimulate the collective conscience through socio-cultural projects and activities carried out within public spaces, the design and production of audiovisual content and the organisation of exhibitions.

    © Alba Olivares

  • View of the Dos Cielos terrace

    © Alba Olivares

  • Arcadi Poch (Kognitif), the Torres twins and Ainize Txopitea


    © Alba Olivares