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No-tag cuisine restaurant

Auto Rosellon

By Brian Gallagher 24.01.17

When it comes to flavour, freshness and the food itself there is no place quite like the kitchen for appreciating the pure taste and reassuring pleasure of cooking. This may well be the inspiration behind Auto Rosellon which recreates the ambience of a working kitchen, albeit a very beautiful one with lots of space for friends to come and visit. Informal and relaxed, the emphasis is on the ingredients and the seasonal produce that marks the culinary offering.

The philosophy here is summed up by Ronit Stern, who together with Rafael Campos conceived the Auto Rosellon casa de comidas, as no-tag cuisine, “You can try to explain our cooking in words but you can’t put a lebel on it and that’s how we like it, because people and feelings can’t be labelled either; they simply are.In other words anything goes, whatever is in season or whatever occurs to the chef is what’s on offer, the food itself is the centre of attention. The couple also conceived and manage Toto, which also specialises in slow food and Km0 ingredients, an increasingly popular option in Barcelona.   

  • Auto Rosellon
  • Auto Rosellon


    Like any typical kitchen Auto Rosellon changes over the course of the day; opening at 8 AM daily the mornings start with that most essential of beverages, coffee or Speciality coffee as it’s been christened here. A trained barista prepares home made coffee sourced from the prestigious La Marzocco equipment and served with a selection of tempting pastries. At lunch time there is a set-menu and during the evenings Auto Rosellon offers diners the option of choosing between a-la-carte, the chef’s tasting menu ‘Carte blancheor allowing the chef to simply decide for you depending on what’s good on the day. At the weekends, Saturdays and Sundays there is the Brunch Lunch. Later Auto Rosellon turns into an animated cocktail bar where the local beautiful people hang out.

  • Auto Rosellon

    The interior design at Auto Rosellon is a collaborative effort between Bárbara Aurell, of Espacio en Blanco and Max Altes, of The Thing Think & Co.

  • Auto Rosellon


    Named after the automobile repair and spare parts shop that occupied this corner of Enrique Granados (with Rosellon) for 50 years the interior design is a joint collaboration between Bárbara Aurell, of Espacio en Blanco and Max Altés, of The Thing Thinks & Co., who have managed to retain the spirit of the previous use and yet create a warm and cosy space with a lot of atmosphere. With space for 35 diners the products and the storage of the products are used as decorative elements, rather like a contemporary colmado combined with a practical kitchen. Graffiti, art works, mismatched lighting and furniture add to the informal feel. 

  • Auto Rosellon

    Auto Rosellon is located on the corner of Enrique Granados with Rosellon

    Casa de comidas no-tag cuisine Auto Rosellon

    c/ Rosellón, 182 (esquina Enrique Granados)


    From Sun. to Thurs., de 8 AM till 1 AM, Fri. and Sat., from 8 AM TO 2 AM.

  • Tel.: 938 539 320
  • www.espacioenblancoestudio.com