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Casa de Comidas Buenavista

Old & New


The food traditions of Casa de Comidas Buenavista located on the boundary of Ronda Sant Antoni and the Raval, stretch date back to 1918 at, previously known simply as Buenavista. The interior design and the menu celebrate what was once a stalwart of the neighbourhood, an institution that only closed its doors in the 1970s. Nowadays the food offering includes breakfast, lunch and dinner. Catalan recipes, tapas and a wine list that puts the emphasis on local D.O.s, in other words juts lik the good old days, but better.

The Sant Antoni neighbourhood is undergoing a transformation right now, with the completion of the eponymous market and the other urban improvements planned for the Ronda. Right at the vanguard of the gastronomic reinvention is Casa de comidas Buenavista, accommodated within the spectacular Antiga Casa de Buenavista. A combination of the best of tradition and the best of now, clearly legible the taste buds in its cuisine.  

  • Casa de Comidas Buenavista
  • Casa de Comidas Buenavista


    The history of this building dates back to 1918, the year in which the Molleví family opened the Buenavista family restaurant, specializing in traditional market cuisine with popular dishes at affordable prices. Thanks to its strategic location and its proximity to the recently inaugurated Teatre Goya, the family establishment quickly became a popular space among intellectuals, artists and the bourgeoisie of the turn of the century, but also among popular classes and families in the area.

  • Casa de Comidas Buenavista


    The food offering is supervised by Marc Roca, owner of the Blau restaurant in Barcelona, to offer a menu based on seasonal cuisine that combines traditional dishes of a lifetime with a touch of modernity.

    The interior design, by Concepción Padilla is also a combination of new and old. The curved countertop of the bar is the main element that divides the space to into different seating areas, and recalls the typical marble bars of old. The fabrics, the lights and the finishes all evoke the past but in a highly contemporary style. The tall ceilings and natural light make this one of the most beautiful new restaurants in Barcelona, hands down.