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Can Pineda

Gastronomy and character

By Brian Gallagher 29.06.20

Now that restaurants have started to reopen again this is an ideal time to rediscover the roots of Catalan cuisine and to support some of the classic restaurants that have helped shape one of the most interesting aspects of Barcelona culture, its gastronomy. Can Pineda is a family run establishment that oozes charm from every pore. As well as the choice of lunch and evening menus there is also a take away menu that includes seasonal dishes and classic options.

Visiting Can Pineda is like travelling back in time to a Barcelona that is increasingly harder to find. A restaurant where slow cooking is not a marketing slogan but the way things are done. Can Pineda has been in the same family since the 1940s and it shows (it was first opened in the early 1900s) and they know what their clientele like when it comes to cuisine and ambience. And that means local Catalan and seasonal dishes that reflect the Mediterranean and the fertile lands surrounding Barcelona served in an authentic interior. A varied menu that includes classic dishes like the Crunchy ocpotus with yucca purée, paprika oil and the Duck Cannelloni with cream of foie gras as well as the Traditional house Oxtail special. And seafood options such as the Fresh fish filet of the day a la Donostiarra.

  • Can Pineda, gastronomy and character
  • Can Pineda, gastronomy and character

    The renowned Poached egg with truffle

  • Can Pineda, gastronomy and character


    Can Pineda is situated just a few hundred meters from the Plaza Glories which is fast becoming Barcelona’s most fashionable neighbourhoods with a mixture of 21st century skyscrapers, landscape parks and traditional buildings. The walls at Can Pineda have many stories to tell, the photos of visiting national and international celebrities and intellectuals bear witness to its gastronomic reputation. The wine barrels supported from the ceiling, the traditional ceramic wall tiles, the art works the authentic period décor is reminiscent of another era, one that is filled with charm and character. A must visit for locals and visitors.

  • Can Pineda, gastronomy and character

    Can Pineda xies traditional and contemporary cuisine

  • Can Pineda, gastronomy and character


    Can Pineda offers a variety of tasting menus and menus for groups. The wine selection although featuring many Catalan wines includes other Spanish varieties as well as French and German. Jordi Leon Bacarisas is the resident sommelier at Can Pineda and qualified to recommend an appropriate wine to accompany your meal or introduced you to a new wine that deserves to be discovered.

  • Can Pineda, gastronomy and character

    The walls of Can Pineda are covered with photos of happy diners

  • Can Pineda, gastronomy and character

    Tuesday - Thursday, 9 am - 4 pm, Friday and Saturday 9 am - 4 pm, 8.30 pm - 22.30 pm, closed Mondays

  • Can Pineda
  • Carrer de Sant Joan de Malta, 55 
  • 08018 Barcelona
  • T 931770709
  • www.canpineda.es