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The Mediterranean, the sun /moon and paella ....

By Brian Gallagher 14.10.21

One of the many things that make Barcelona unique when it comes to its culinary offering is its beaches. Food simply tastes different by the Mediterranean. The salty sea breeze, the views of the setting sun or rising moon, the holiday spirit, whatever it is there’s a different food vibe on the city’s beaches. Can Fisher located on Bogatell Beach (just beside Parque del Poblenou) takes full advantage of its setting, with a blue neon sign sitting over its entrance, advertising what’s being served within. For lovers of seafood, fish, paella and other rice dishes Can Fisher will be a welcome surprise. As well as for return visitors.

Almost everything on the menu is connected with either fish or seafood; including the tapas and salads, etc. (Carpaccio Patata voladora, avellana, tartufata y queso feta is highly recommended) but there are a few other non-seafood starters and main course choices. With the rice dishes it’s all about the rice, and Can Fisher does not disappoint. Sourced form the Delta d’Ebro, a strain of bomba rice selected specifically by the chef.  Among the highlights are the Red Mollet, Scallops and garlic glaze Socarrat and the Señorito Rice, with shelled seafood and the Black rice with cuttlefish, alioli gratin, Padrón peppers. For fans of the log fired paell there’s two choices, Brothy caldoso rice with Nacional Lobster and Succulent meloso Rice with red shrimp. Possibly Barcelona’s best offering of paella and rice dishes is located in this small area, Xiringuito Escriba is the next door neighbour to Can Fisher.

  • Can Fisher Barcelona
  • Can Fisher Barcelona
  • Can Fisher Barcelona


    Chef Francesc Roca is inspired by the restaurant’s location to create a menu that reflects the Mediterranean diet and culture. Fresh and local produce cooked with as little interference as possible. All year round, depending on the season the traditional classic dishes as well as a few more innovate ones, reflect what’s available and in season, both for the vegetables and the seafood.

  • Can Fisher Barcelona
  • Can Fisher Barcelona


    Can Fisher is a place to come with a group of friends or as a family gathering. The ambience is energetic with efficient service and tempting deserts, a wine selection (national and international) and cocktails. Everything that a good get-together should have to keep the conversation flowing.

  • Can Fisher
  • Av. del Litoral, 64,
  • 08005 Barcelona
  • Tel. 935 97 18 40
  • www.canfisher.com