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Fast Food Ctalan Style

By Brian Gallagher 07.05.14

Fast food does not necessarily have to mean inferior quality and neither does it have to mean international ‘Americana’ industrialised food. The proof is Butifarring, a new local initiative founded here in Barcelona which combines two very interesting concepts; gourmet fast food and indigenous produce at a reasonable and comparable price.

Situated on C. Call 26 (which runs parallel to Ferran) literally around the corner from the emblematic Plaça Sant Jaume, Butifarring has been in operation for just a few months while its creators have been honing the operations with a view to expanding the number of establishments in the future while also offering the possibility of a determinate number of franchises.

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  • butifarring


    There are several innovative aspects to Butifarring that seem obvious and yet ingenious at the same time, firstly the clever idea of converting the local delicacy butifarra (a type of sausage) made into a fast and delicious sandwich filling using gourmet ingredients and top quality bread and secondly combining this with a gastronomic space located on the first floor over the shop with independent access from Ferran. The layout is highly functional with excellent service and an innovative payment system using an automated cash machine meaning that the servers’ hands never come into contact with notes or coins. 

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    Butifarring’s premium and gourmet sandwiches are made using first class ingredients from locally sourced suppliers, according to slow food philosophy, seasonal produce, cooked in a log fired oven on the premises. The sandwiches feature a crunchy local ‘coca’ bread, with selected Butifarring sauce and garnished with 'judias ganxet' served with bacon or roast potatoes. The menu consists of 7 gourmet options: Classic, Frankfurt Creak, Chicken, Grilled vegetables, Blue Cheese, Potato omelette Morcilla (type of black pudding), Rovellons and ceps (local varieties of mushroom). And several other Premium options which will be suggested by Butifarring’s chef Albert Gomez, responsible for researching new seasonal options.

  • Classic (Prepared using a family recipe dating from 1865, including Jamaican black peppers)

    Gómez studied at the prestigious Barcelona University of Hotel and Tourism (CETT) and other innovative cookery schools.

  • Leek 'Butifarra'

  • butifarring

    Frankfurt Creak (made using prime ingredients and 100% organic meats)

  • Butifarring Bocadillos Gourmet
  • C. del Call, 26  08002 Barcelona
  • Teléfono: (+34) 93 412 03 14
  • Open everday of the year. From 9 AM tilla 9PM
  • www.butifarring.com