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Bubó Tapes Bar

Sweet and now savoury

By Brian Gallagher 12.11.19

The square in front of Santa María del Mar is one of Barcelona’s smallest and most beautiful. Whatever the time of year there’s always something going on in front of the basilica’s impressive gothic door, the main entrance. Tucked into one of its corners is Bubó the renowned pastry shop and now Bubó Tapes Bar (just next door) adds a savoury offering to its famous pastries.

This intimate and welcoming space is organised around the bar with views out onto the square as well as a few tables on the terrace. The tapas and other homemade dishes are elaborated with great care using market fresh produce, only seasonal ingredients created by the same renowned chef Anna O'Flynn as the otjer Bubó, with great attention to detail. Her curriculum includes stints in several countries including Fäviken, the famous restaurant of Magnus Nilsson. His creations are classic or creative tapas, apparently simple preparation but where the proximity product is pampered, and the best presentation is sought. The highlights on the menu include Veal steak tartare, Vitello tonnato, the braised scallop and Iberian secreto.

  • Bubó Tapes Bar

    Braised scallops served with ham

  • Bubó Tapes Bar

    The interior of the new Bubó, a recent addition to Born's gastronomic tapas restaurants

  • Bubó Tapes Bar


    In charge of the proceedings as well as the preparation of cocktails is Miguel Angel Palau, with a long career in the most famous cocktail bars of Barcelona such as 41° and Ocaña. The Bubó Tapes Bar drinks menu, as well as offering the best of local Catalan wines and beers also features cocktails: a whole series of classic recipes for all tastes, prepared with care.

  • Bubó Tapes Bar


    It goes without saying that the pastries are out of this world, not just the delicate taste but the presentation. Mini and edible works of art that should be savoured with a coffee, a sweet wine or indeed a cocktail.

  • Bubó Tapes Bar


    Open Monday through Sunday from 9 AM till 1 AM

  • Bubó Tapes Bar
  • Carrer de Caputxes 6,
  • 08003 Barcelona
  • telf. 933 10 57 73
  • www.bubo.es
  • Instagram: @bubobar / Facebook: @bubobar