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Bon Appetit BCN! The classics

Top 6 by Nutira Confort

By Brian Gallagher 01.02.14

Reassuringly calorie laden dishes served within the classical décor of Barcelona’s most famous restaurants, each a witness to years of history, through civil wars, dictators and recessions these local classics remain essentially unchanged. Proper food lovingly cooked using centuries old traditional techniques, perfect for the winter when our metabolism needs a little help to generate the energy required to keep us warm and functioning. Food to keep the flu at bay, food to comfort us, food that tastes great. The summer is a time for discipline, the winter for unrepentant enjoyment.

Here we present our selection of classic Barcelona restaurants serving classic winter fare.

  • Los Caracoles
  • Los Caracoles

    Los Caracoles,, c/.Escudelleres, 14- Barcelona 08002 Tel. 933 012 041


    Los Caracoles is one of the most charismatic restaurants in the city, founded by the Bofarull family in 1835. Since then, four generations of the Bofarull family have maintained the excellence of this popular and quality cuisine.

  • Can Culleretes

    Can Culleretes, c/. Quintana, 5 - 08002, Barcelona  Tel. 93 317 30 22 - 93 317 64 85


    Servinf since 1786. Catalan, Mediterranean and Market Fresh Cuisine. All very olde-worlde with traditional recipes. There is a photographic museum housed within with photographs of famous people of time, artists, radio stars, bull fighters, athletes ...

  • El Gran Café

    El Gran Café, c/. Avinyó, 9 – 08002 Barcelona Tel: 93 318 79 86


    Founded in 1920 still with the original modernisme decor, El Gran Café is one of the most impressive and attractive cafés of Barcelona. Located in the historic centre, in the Barri Gòtic, known for its comfortable and relaxed ambience with live piano music at night, offering a selection of traditional Catalan cuisine.

  • El Cafetí
  • El Cafetí

    El Cafetí, c/. Sant Rafael,18 08001 Barcelona Tel/Fax: 93 329 24 19


    Catalan and Market Fresh Cuisine. El Cafetí is located at the heart of Barcelona’s Old City in the infamous Raval neighbourhood, the décor is Belle Époque. Antonio Fragoso is the owner and driving force behind The Cafetí, who runs the kitchen, serve customers and take reservations.

  • 4 Gats

    Els Quatre Gats, C/ Montsió Nº3 bis - 08002 Barcelona Tel: +34 933 024 140 


    Els Quatre Gats was first established as a hotel in 1897. The restaurant is known worldwide as one of the foremost exponents of Barcelona modernisme style and as a major gathering place for artists and intellectuals of the late nineteenth century.

  • 7 portes
  • 7 portes

    7 Portes, Paseo Isabel II, 14, 08003 Barcelona Tel.+34 933 19 30 33


    7 Portes first opened in 1836, it’s one of Barcelona’s most authentic classic restaurants. Traditional Catalan cuisine, specialising in rice dishes. Open all day every day, all year round.

  • Nutira Confort


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