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Barcelona Burger

The city's gourmet burgers


Originating in the United States the generally accepted wisdom is that the hamburger (meat served as a sandwich between slices of bread) was developed by German emigrants, however it came about like American pop culture the burger has strode across the gastronomic globe and conquered all before it. Although mostly associated with fast food and less salubrious cuisine since the burger first landed in Barcelona a few decades ago it has undergone a naturalisation process and can now be found on some of the most impressive restaurant menus. This is a selection of some of the very best burgers and their environments that can be currently enjoyed in Barcelona. Budget and gourmet options included.

Avda. M. de L’Argentera, 1bis t. 93 310 7313 www.kioskoburger.com


Open from 1.00 pm through 1.00 am every day of the week.