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Bar Bas

New take on the traditional 'bodega'

By B. Gallagher Fotos; Ferran Nadeu 03.11.14

The renowned VIPS on Rambla Catalunya occupies a special place in the mental map of anyone old enough to remember the halcyon in Barcelona days before the recession came along. A true 24 hour retail experience with round the clock dining, selling everything one could possibly need at 4 in the morning there has never been anything to replace it after it closed. After lying abandoned for almost a decade the building VIPS occupied was recently refurbished and now accommodates the H10 Metropolitan Hotel. Chef Enrique Valentí (Chez Coco + Casa Paloma) embarks on a new project with the opening of the Bar Bas at Rambla Catalunya, No. 7 adjacent to the new hotel.

The recently opened Bar Bas is a gastronomic tapas restaurant serving gourmet dishes and traditional tapas options. The emphasis is firmly on the seasonal produce and quality raw materials prepared according to classic traditions. Bas Bar is a place to rediscover classic dishes from times gone by, including fresh fish and other main courses made ​​from quality fresh raw materials. A cosmopolitan and elegant space with an equally impressive selection of wines. The interior design by Lázaro Rosa Violán pays homage to the renowned Cova Fumada, originally founded in the 1940s in La Barceloneta neighbourhood. A futuristic reinterpretation using luxurious materials and vintage fittings combined with modern craftsmanship.

  • Bar Bas Barcelona
  • Bar Bas Barcelona


    One of the main features of Bar Bas is the bar counter located directly beside the entrance, where a variety of tapas served by the restaurant are on display. The menu is structured around different themes such as; "Tapas in cans" (anchovies prepared in-house, marinated mussels and boquerones in vinegar served Madrid style..); "Classics" (beef or ham croquettes, chicken confit with 'ajillo' (garlic sauce) and Russian salad served fresh ...); "Smoked" (smoked salmon in 'gribiche' sauce, cured tuna Roe with mashed almonds and spicy sausage 'toast' ...) "Home made" (freshly made potato omelette, sauteed 'ganxet' beans with butifarra (sausage) and veal meatballs with cuttlefish ...) "Vegetables" (salmorejo, watercress and mustard vinaigrette with avocado and fried bacon rind, sea crab...); "Chup chup" (lentil stew served in 'compango', 'cap i pota' (type of stew) with chickpeas and ox tail in red wine sauce with potato puree ...) "Seafare" (raw oysters, giant clams and grilled red steam cooked prawns…) and "a little bit of everything" (steak tartare Bar Bas style, tuna belly in cider vinegar, steak served with herbs ...).

  • Bar Bas Barcelona

    Chef Enrique Valentí together with the Bar Bas team

  • Bar Bas
  • Rambla de Catalunya, 7
  • 08007 Barcelona
  • www.barbas.es