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Autumnal Cachitos Rambla

The season for mushrooms, tubers and truffle

By B. Gallagher 06.11.15

The autumn is a time when our bodies demand a change to our diet, without doubt a response to the need for more calories with the drop in temperatures and a reflection of the natural order of the calendar year when new ingredients and new foods come into season. These changes offer a challenge and an opportunity for chefs to express the goodness of the earth and the tastes of autumn which brings the summer to an end and heralds the winter.

The Cachitos Rambla restaurant and bar (Cachitos Diagonal opened in late 2014) prides itself on its seasonal offering that combines the best local ingredients with updated traditional recipes that offer something to everyone. From 8 a.m. in the morning through till the wee small hours the kitchen serves around the clock. Although the menu is updated throughout the year the change of season this year coincides with the arrival of a new chef, Lluis Rosich who will be in charge of the culinary offering at both restaurants.

  • Cachitos Ramba
  • Cachitos Rambla

    Ceps (mushrooms), the star seasonal dish this autumn

    Chef Lluis Rosich who trained at the UAB and previously work for the Hilton Group before Costa Este, has established his cuisine on fresh top quality ingredients. Soe of the recommended new dishes on the autumn menu include; Aubergine with Goat Cheese and Molasses, free range Chicken Croquettes, broken eggs with sausage and mild Ali Oli, Cannelloni with Foie and Truffle, Courgette noodles served with Prawns and Cuttlefish, the Tuna and Veal Tartares, the Fricassee served with seasonal mushrooms, Stuffed Calamari, Foie Micuit with Fig conserve and the delicious Ribeye. When it comes to the dessert menu the stand out options include the caramelized French toast, cheesecake served with blueberry sauce and the raspberry and strawberry yogurt.

  • Cachitos Rambla

    The Fridandó, one of the standout dishes of tje autumn menu

  • Cachitos Rambla

    Yogurt served with forrest fruits, strawberries and raspberries

    Cachitos Rambla is also a nighclub which features well know djs from the city, open to both diners and anyone else looking for a good cocktail bar in the city centre. The house speciality is the Sangria cocktails, with 55 to choose from combiend with wine, champagne or liquor as well as unusual ingredients.

  • Cachitos Rambla

    Eduardo de la Vega with chef Lluis Rosich