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Alma matter

Organic Teas & Infusiones


Alma was founded in 2010 aiming to create infusions and ecological teas using the best available products chosen to make unique flavours that were not already on the market. The Gerona based company started with 8 beverages and nowadays has an array of 58 different infusions and teas 80% of which are organic.

Sold in boxes of 15 pyramid shaped teabags, some of thee more intriguing flavours include; Patxaran, Ratafia, Manzanilla, Organic Mint, Fennel, Organic Tila, Organic Hibiscus, Hierbaluisa, Chun Mee Green Tea, Organic Stevia, Strawberries and Cream, Rooibos Cinnamon and Mint, Ceylon, Darjeeling, Gomtee, Earl Grey Blue phlox, Ceylon Vanilla, Mango Ceylon, Moroccan Mint Tea, Organic Green Tea, Red Pu’er Yunnan Tea …

  • Ratafia, one of Alma's more daring flavours