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Tapas Restaurant Cocktail Bar

By Brian Gallagher 27.02.14

C/ Tuset (between Av. Diagonal and Travessera de Gràcia) is an oasis of culinary excellence in Barcelona, with a variety of choices accommodated along the length of this attractive and bustling street which since the 1970s has been a reference in Barcelona’s nightlife (when the legendary Boccacio club opened first). The latest restaurant to open is an excellent addition to Barcelona’s gastronomic scene. The food offering is based mainly on shared dishes and tapas with of course a strong presence of the eponymous ingredient, market cuisine combining fresh ingredients in Mediterranean inspired recipes. Ajoblanco is also an elegant cocktail bar, here the offering is based on a menu of 16 traditional and contemporary classics (including 6 aperitifs) where the base ingredient always takes precedent (Mojitos, Caipirinhas, Margaritas and Daiquiris) as well as a range of Vodka&Tonics featuring infused ingredients.

The interior is by the Contemporain design studio directed by Lázaro Rosa-Violán, defined by decorative mirrored surfaces, classic light fittings, timber floors and ceilings, ceramic tiles and brass surfaces. A retro-vintage and warm approach that Rosa-Violán has made his own in Barcelona over the last decade. The layout is deceptive and can’t really be appreciated without entering, the set-back entrance lobby (covered smoking area) leads to the elongated cocktail bar counter with a very large dinning area to the rear. Banquette seating and a private niche area provide a variety of spaces with contrasting ambiences. The kitchen is separated from the main dining area by a glass partition where the creative processes within can be fully appreciated.

  • Ajoblanco
  • Ajoblanco


    Ajoblanco is also the name of a mythical Barcelona magazine, which represented the avant-garde countercultural Barcelona of the 1970s and 80s. Perhaps the name is also inspired by this renowned publication, at least that was the vibe on the opening night; the crowd outside, the crowd inside, the music, the lights, the bustle, the restless mood.

  • Ajoblanco

    View of the cocktail bar counter located adjacent to the main entrance to Ajoblanco

  • Ajoblanco

    General view of the dinning area to the rear of Ajoblanco

  • Ajoblanco

    A private boot for groups or Vips etc.

  • View of the kitchen from the dinning area with the chef's creative work on display

  • Ajoblanco's toilets

  • View of the entrance from the street