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Ajoblanco at 5

A contemporary classic


When it comes to the city’s restaurants and cocktail bars there are places in Barcelona that evoke good times simply because they exist. Whether it be the design, the music, the cocktails or the culinary offering. Whatever that factor X is Ajoblanco has it, and has it in spades. Restaurant, cocktail bar and club Ajoblanco is located on the renowned C/ Tuset, one of Barcelona’s most vibrant night spots. Managed by the Grupo Lombardo this year Ajoblanco celebrates its fifth anniversary, the other emblematic establishments belonging to the group include Casa Delfín, Ultramarinos and the Taller de Tapas.

Ajoblanco is best known for its varied cuisine and tapas. Highlights on the menu include  the corvina ceviche, the beef carpaccio, the thai-style shrimp and vegetable wok or the salmon and prawns cannelloni. Without forgetting its wide range of rice dishes, one of its great specialties: fish paella and marais with rice from pals, arroz del señorito (peladito), risotto of squid with venere rice, etc. Neither its fish and meat, such as the turbot to the Donositaira, the tartare with guacamole, the grilled octopus, the old cow steak of Girona, the steak with Jack Daniels sauce or the beef tagliata.

  • Ajoblanco Barcelona
  • Ajoblanco Barcelona

    Tuna fish ceviche

    Ajoblanco also specialises in signature cocktails, classics like the well known mojitos, caipirinhas, margaritas or daiquirís, as well as recommendations outside of the menu, making a review of the international cocktail bar. It also has a careful combination proposal and a selection of premium liquors and spirits.

  • Ajoblanco Barcelona

    Carpaccio de pulpo