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Democratising wagyu

By Brian Gallagher 15.03.22

One of the reasons for going out to eat is to have the chance to experience the finer things in life. Wagyu meat is one of life’s luxuries, especially appealing to fans of gourmet meat. The term refers to a highly refined process that involves all steps in the production of superior quality beef, and therefore, clearly has an added cost. Now there’s a restaurant in Barcelona that makes wagyu more affordable than ever. With a selection of national and Japanese wagyu as well as other dishes the recently opened very beautiful Ah-Un restaurant on c/ Balmes (corner of Aragón) offers diners a unique experience.

Inside Ah-Un each table is equipped with an electric grill which allows everyone to cook the meat to their own taste. This genre of restaurant is known as yakiniku barbeque in Japan, and is considered to be Korean in origin. There are two styles of yakiniku: one that marinates the meat before grilling it, in the purits Korean tradition, and the one that serves the meat raw where the meat is coated with sauce as soon as it is cooked. This is the essence of what Ah-Un is all about, pioneering the introduction of yakiniku to Barcelona.

  • Ah-Un yakiniku barbeque
  • Ah-Un yakiniku barbeque


    Ah-Un is a different way of dining, one that is playful and intuitive, unique in Barcelona. To make things simple the Ah-Un offer includes different options that include several different approaches, depending on what each diner is looking for, catering to neophytes not yet versed in this way of eating: choose from 4 exclusive yakiniku menus (the prices vary depending on the amount of meat and cuts included) as well as tasting menus where in addition to yakiniku, you can try other iconic Japanese dishes such as sushi, sashimi or gyoza, among others.

  • Ah-Un yakiniku barbeque


    Ah-Un serves the finest selection of wagyu beef cuts, from herds raised in the north of Spain as well as the Miyazaki region in Japan. This choice is the result of an in-depth study of the meat market of this breed in Japan, Australia, Germany or Chile. The conclusion reached by Mr. Saeki, manager and project director, is that the wagyu from the north of Spain represents the best value for money. As for Japanese origin meat, the Miyazaki region is the main supplier of the wagyu breed, where many of the cows are raised and then sent to Kobe for fattening.

  • Ah-Un yakiniku barbeque


    The meat is served on a platter arranged under its different provenances. Diners are supplied with pincers for grilling the meat and chop sticks for its consumption. Although some might prefer a knife and fork. The space itself includes two very different zones: the area closest to the street has a decompression zone – completely isolating it from Balmes with a table suitable for groups decorated like a Japanese hut. The majority of the tables are accommodated within a beautiful contemporary space defined by its concrete floors, wooden furniture, bamboo and soft lamp shades.

  • Ah-Un yakiniku barbeque
  • Ah-Un
  • Balmes, 55
  • 08007 Barcelona
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