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Barcelona's Vietnamese Cuisine

By Brian Gallagher 13.02.13

Key contributing factors to the emergence of Vietnamese cuisine over recent years include the mass emigration from the country during the 1970s and the more recent opening up of Vietnam as a tourist destination. Ranging from street food to more elaborate multi-course feasts its cuisine is characterised by fresh ingredients, minimal use of oil and unusual combination of spices and flavours.

The country shares its borders with China, Thailand and Cambodia however Vietnamese cuisine is recognised on its own terms. Distinguished also by the influence of the French (the country was effectively a French colony until after the Second World War) who introduced bread and other culinary traditions.

Its climate which ranges from humid subtropical in the north to tropical savannah in the south providing the conditions for exotic ingredients that add to the textures and diversity of Vietnamese gastronomy. Its turbulent history also explains the economical use of raw ingredients and the incorporation of animal parts sometimes considered unconventional in other cultures.

The following represents our selection of the best Vietnamese restaurants on offer in Barcelona.