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Wi-Fi is over!

Mobile phones and devices off at Artte


The first night of a series of events “Wi-Fi is over” begins next Thursday at 8 PM in Artte restaurant, café and cocktail bar, where the space will be transformed into a technology-free zone, with no alcohol and live music performances over several evenings.

 “Wi-fi is over!” is a chance for diners and music fans to come and enjoy the vibe, where they can disconnect from the virtual world and reconnect with themselves in real time. John Lennon and Yoko Ono’s inspirational slogan “War is Over!” (their protest against the Vietnam War) inspired the nights that declare war on the digital onslaught in our lives of more recent times. 

  • Wi-Fi is over!

    Pablo Martín Pelatti, Artte's renowned cocktail barman

  • Wi-Fi is over!

    Not only is the event free of charge but mocktails, or alcohol-free cocktails to be more accurate, will be served instead, offering attendees a more healthy alternative. People of all ages are welcome to come along and try the various cocktails that include lemongrass, hibiscus, royal jelly, ginseng and more natural ingredients; energising options (After Hours), with super vitamins added (Super Grass) as well as antioxidants (Forever Young). They’ll also be serving gin & tonics, minus the gin, but equally as refreshing as the mocktails prepared by Pablo Martín Pelatti using herbal extracts, homemade orange blossom and lavender tonic and Elderflower and citrus fruits.

  • Wi-Fi is over!

    The new sound system which features the same type as was used at the mythical Mancuso in The Loft Club in New York during the 70s will guarantee superb acoustics. And rather than just having Djs selecting Spotify tunes on repeat, Artte will be dusting off the vinyl disks with real records. The sessions will be coordinated by Argentinean Pablo Skaf, who lives in Barcelona now, from the Deezer streaming platform in a special homage to the pre-digital sounds of the 20th C.

  • Wi-Fi is over!
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